As little girls we are born knowing who we are.  We are intimately guided by the source of our being and not yet warry or cautious about following that voice.  As young women we’ve (hopefully) had few, if any, life experiences that have created false identities, biased labels or steered us away from who we know ourselves to be.  When a young woman tells me who she wants to be when she grows up, I believe her.  And I believe in the voice of the source within that has spoken this over her.


HER Lifestyle Dreams is a 45-60 min workshop designed to prepare young women to live the lifestyle of HER dreams.  The curriculum connects her dreams, goals and aspirations with the real world need for her to understand her physical and mental health, along with the quality of the food and information she consumes.  Why look back at your dreams of when you were a young woman, when as a young woman you can live your dream?