HER Lifestyle FAQ


What is HER Lifestyle?


HER Lifestyle is a lifestyle program that provides you the tools and resources to allow you to realize your full potential and achieve total wellness. It is a program that encourages you to live your best life and become HER…that strong, courageous, confident woman you dreamed of becoming as a little girl.


How does it work?


Well you have options! HER Lifestyle is just that….a LIFESTYLE program! You cannot adopt a lifestyle overnight. A lifestyle is created over time, so I am offering a membership that delivers new content to you every month. You can try it out one time and pay for just one month. OR you can subscribe and be billed monthly, gaining access to all previous months’ content.


What does it include?


We cover all your bases!


1. Natural Fit Mom Lifting Program. A five day a week lifting program, targeting different muscle groups every day for maximum effectiveness. It also includes 2-3 HIIT cardio workouts to be paired with the weight lifting.


2. Breathe, Reach, Feel Yoga. Accelerate your results with proper recovery! Believe it or not muscles are not built in the gym, they are torn. Muscles are built during recovery! Feel good flows and muscle relieving stretches allow you to breathe life into your spirit, de-stress your mind and connect with your body.


3. The Other 23. The hours in the gym is actually the easy part, it’s the other 23 hours of the day that is the challenge….so let’s talk about it! Weekly topics from nutrition, to emotional/mental wellness, careers and relationships, it all counts towards your well-being and ability to successfully walk in HER shoes.