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Let me introduce myself. My name is Cassandra Delynn, the Oprah of Fitness. The woman behind Natural Fit Mom, creator of The Other 23 and HER lifestyle. I am a single mother of two, full-time career (MBA and PHR), natural hair lover, certified personal trainer, pro natural body builder, yogi and aspiring MMA fighter.


Ok…I know how that probably sounds, so can I clear up some misconceptions I would have about myself? This is all new to me. I was not a child athlete or super fit and healthy woman growing up. As a wife and mother who was struggling to lose the baby weight, I just had enough. I refused to be on a diet forever and literally felt like I was losing my mind trying to understand how this all works. I vividly remember feeling that, looking like ‘those’ women was impossible. I was broke. I had no nanny. I had no personal chef (because in my mind clearly they all had help). I had no hope.


Believe me when I say ‘I get it’. I am a woman, who just like you, just wanted to feel good again. I wanted to be proud of myself and confident that there was a program out there that would work for me. What I found was that when the program ended, so did my results. With a promise to myself that I would never diet for a vacation, wedding or Halloween costume EVER again, I learned about living the lifestyle.



HER Lifestyle is the much needed guide on becoming HER….that woman you imagined becoming as a little girl. The woman who is strong, successful, confident and feels satisfaction in her soul.



If you are looking for a 30 day flat stomach or big booty builder program, you’ve come to the WRONG place. HER Lifestyle is just that…. a lifestyle, that I can’t wait to share with you!


Let’s see….what else do you need to know?


I believe that everything has energy.


I believe in abundance.


I believe in being self-indulgent.


I believe in health over fitness (yes there is a difference).


I’m recovering (from a multitude of things) EVERY day.


And I believe you can have it all. Every.Damn.Bit.


I help women become that strong, beautiful, successful woman they dreamed of as a little girl, by getting in touch with her soul through physical and emotional fitness.


I know that strong backs don’t break. I teach that women are more powerful when they have breasts AND biceps. I teach women that you are building more than muscle with every rep. You are building strength of character, trust and confidence in yourself and abilities that you will draw on for a lifetime. I teach women about embracing and adopting a lifestyle of health…mental, emotional, soulful and physical that allows you to be HER. I want women to know that when you strengthen your mind, through your body, you can have it all. Every damn bit.







Public Speaker

Co-Author, “Real Women, Real Talk”

Gorgo Women’s Fitness Magazine Cover Model, February 2014 & February 2017

BFW Magazine feature, March 2015 & August 2017

1st place, Women 18+ “Fists of Fury” Championships, September 2017

Figure Pro, UFE Fury, June 2016

Overall Figure, UFE Liberty, May 2016

5th place, Jr. USA’s, June, 2015

2nd Callouts, Jr. USA’s, June 2014

Overall Figure, NorCal, June 2014

3rd place “Open” Figure Class D NPC, California State Championship, May 2014

2nd place “Open” Figure Class D NPC California State Championship, May 2013

1st place “Open” Figure Class D NPC Governor’s Cup, March 2013

1st place “Novice” category INBA Night of Natural Champions, September 2012

2nd place “Open” category INBA Night of Natural Champions, September 2012

4th place “Open” Figure class D NPC San Francisco, October 2012