Aligning your lifestyle with your true intentions

10 Super Girly Reasons to Get In Shape!

Now that I’m a full-blown, certifiable, “health nut”, “gym rat”, “veggie lover” etc. I am often asked “how can you do that?” Sometimes from the standpoint of genuine interest, but often implying I’m sacrificing too much. And yeah, I guess I am sacrificing….but all I really think about is how awesome I feel and all…
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Pssst, I’m Black…..but I Want Bigger Boobs!

Yes, I know you’re wondering what in the world is this title? Well, it is meant to be provocative. I promise by the end of this, it will all make sense. Forewarning….this post isn’t going to be relatable to everyone. But I can’t stop thinking about is and need to get it out. So, I’m…
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Meet Regina

1.  Can you tell us a little about yourself? Hello my names is Regina Reaves, I’m 28, married with a 4 year old daughter. I’m a property manager. 2.  What sparked your interest in training?  I just got sick of purchasing bigger clothes every other month and feeling sluggish. I wanted to feel good about…
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LOL…I'm So Mad I'm Quoting Puff Daddy??!!

There just isn’t any other way to put….my feelings were hurt! I hadn’t felt that way in a while…and we’re talking like years, since I felt like I was being made fun of or like I was stupid. Now rational logic told me that this was not about me, but it didn’t stop the reaction…
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American Idol and Bodybuilding……More Similar Than You Think!

I haven’t been a fan and actually watched American Idol in a few years.  I mean, we’re talking about back when incoherent, but lovable, Paula was on the panel.  But I stumbled upon the show premier as I was channel surfing for some background noise, while I got caught up on work e-mails at home.  As…
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The Oprah of Fitness!

So, not long ago I was asked for my “tag line”. You know…a few words that captured me and what I hope to do. I gave it some thought and after quickly dismissing several very forgettable ideas, a thought…..NO, not just a thought, but an epiphany flashed in my mind! I am “The Oprah of…
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