Aligning your lifestyle with your true intentions


My name is Cassandra Delynn, the Oprah of fitness and formally known as “Natural Fit Mom”. I am a single mother of two and currently based in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California. I have the full-time career that I love, whilst earning an MBA, PHR, and CPT along the way. My passions include hair, books, natural bodybuilding, and yoga.

I believe that everything has energy.
I believe in abundance.
I believe in being self-indulgent.
I believe in health over fitness (yes there is a difference).
I’m recovering (from a multitude of things) EVERY day.
And I believe you can have it all. Every.Damn.Bit.



I was not a child athlete, super fit or very healthy growing up. As a wife and mother who was struggling to lose the baby weight, I’d just had enough. I didn’t want to be on a diet forever and literally felt like I was losing my mind trying to understand how this all works. I vividly remember feeling that, looking like the women I admired and looked up to was impossible. I felt broken. I had no help with my little ones. No nanny. No personal chef. I had no hope.

How did these insanely successful women balance everything so perfectly? How did they bring up their family and look great at the same time? What was their secret?

Believe me when I say ‘I get it’. I am a woman, just like you. I just wanted to feel good again. I wanted to be proud of myself and confident again. I was determined to help myself and make the most of my life.
I wanted to be the woman I knew I could be!

I tried a few programs, but what I found was that when the program ended, my results began to diminish. I made a promise to myself that I would never diet for a vacation, wedding or Halloween costume ever again! I was sick of being confident in my own skin just for select periods. I wanted something more sustainable. I wanted to be confident every single day of my life.

This inspired me massively. I was determined to find and a much-needed guide to living the lifestyle I’d always dreamt about living. One where I would hold my head up high every single day!

Just like you, I am a modern woman who’s juggling multiple priorities, while also trying to prioritize self-care. I’ve been through the struggle, and have gained some life experience along the way that I have been sharing with other women around me, helping them break through and live the strong, successful, confident, and healthy lifestyle every woman deserves living.


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Happy Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY! #turntup #inversion #handstand #headstand #yogaeverydamnday #morningyogapractice #riseandgrind #cantstopwontstop #practicemakesprogress #yogalove #yogiinthemaking #bodybuilder #figurecompetitor #breakthestereotype #breastsandbiceps #californiagirl #bayarea #allnaturalathlete #alpha #namaslay #naturalfitmom #namaste Uhhh….duhhh! Because on Fridays we flex!

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